General Manager

Rico is a very experience Managre, he has been working basically everywher ! he speaks more languageas then Google Traslator , with a tipical Italian humor and many stories to tell;) He run the operation and coordiates all the crazy crew! The “Big Boss”

 His surname said it all, Nick is an enthusiastic Dive Master , Web Designe and founder or Warfighter Scuba, a no profit organization for veterans. He belongs to a family of divers bringing to the dive shop always good vibes and lot of fun!

Assistant Manager
Our New Assistant Manager has been working all around the world and has been gathering quite a bit of experience. You will recognize him because he is always supervising the staff with a whip in his hand, to make sure that everyone will work to the best of their abilities !

Office Manager

The new face in the office! Ayfoss speaks Fluently French, Spanish and English, so all our Clients, will be able to communicate easily with her. Very organized, she loves to chat and to keep herself busy, so if you do not have much to do, go and pay her a visit in the shop.

Fred is French, but we do not hold that against him! ☺
HE is a bit rough around the edges, but a very good instructor. If he does not kill you before, he will certify you, and that means that you are really good and ready to become a recreational diver.

lindeyHe is a LEGEND. You will never get a better divemaster! Everyone who dives with Lindey wants to do a repeat. Lindey is able to  guide your dives in English, Spanish and Italian. Lin Lin loves enjoying a cup of good coffee and watching silly cartoons. Make sure you bring something for him since he is passionate about other cultures.

ollyHe has been working in the diving industry since 1995 in Garda Lake, Italy. The search for the perfect place brought him to the Maldives where worked for 3 years. His will to explore the world pushed him to Egypt and eventually Roatan where he has been living since 2001. He is an SSI DCS Instructor and PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Oliver is an all around adventurer, a true heart rocker and an ocean man.

LucianoDescribing Luciano’s carrier would simply take up too much space. Just so you get an idea, he opened his first Dive Center in the Maldives in 1982, at the time Fred Astair was still alive and Italy won the world football championship in Spain. Now there are 11 TGI Diving Centers world wide. Luciano is the kind of person you will only meet once.

CarlosNicknamed “Calin”. He is an institution of the Dive Shop and a very reliable worker. Currently he acts as our CAPO with tanks and compressors. He spend most of his time filling up tanks and sleeping between the compressors with 45 C/120 F . Everyday he styles his whiskers and drinks a full 3 litter Coca Cola bottle which he happily calls “Diesel”.

Quebecois, very patient, calm, loves wine and to chat. He is often found at ungodly hours talking, about diving with students and divers alike,in front of a bottle of good wine

Quebecois, speaks fluent English and more than some Spanish. He has is here only for 3 months but has already shown the first signs of craziness that distinguish all our staff members

Snorkeling Guide
Canadian, Quebecoise,DiveMaster, lent to the snorkeling department. Andreanne will lead you to some unforgettable locations to experience some of the best snorkeling in the world

Chief Engeneer
The most ingenuous of the 4 pitufos, He loves to build, repair, fix anything. He is also a good Snorkeling Guide and a fun person to work with

Sales person
The prettiest of the Pitufos (at least that is what he thinks !!)
Great Sales person, good snorkeling guide, excellent at disappearing when there is hard work to be done ! :-D.

Instructor/ Snorkeling Guide
Italian, speaks fluent French. This is his second year with us. Very sociable, is in charge of the snorkeling tours, but often will lead you through your Basic Diver Experience, or will be with you diving.

The latest addition to our team, a good hard working pitufo, he speaks less than Darwin but smiles a lot! He is learning the ropes of the job, but has already shown great skills.

Darwin is calm and soft spoken, so soft that we often have to ask him to repeat what he said two or three times before we can hear it ☺
He takes good care of our compressors and tanks, and when possible leads snorkeling trip with our Spanish speaking customers

Our Argentinian Photographer. With is skills and cameras will immortalize your best diving moments! Ask him to show you some of his best pictures and you will immediately want to have some taken of you.