The Mediterranean is a huge sea, almost completely landlocked, in between Europe to the North, Africa to the South, and Asia to the East. Mediterranean currents are not strong, but are rather deep. In addition with its stunning visibility, the Mediterranean is a divers dream come true. During the summer months the waters are calm; whereas around the equinoxes and during the winter months storms are common and can be strong. The effect of the tide is minimal, but winds are fairly regular. Since antiquity the Mediterranean region has been at the center of the political, economic, and cultural development of Europe. The agricultural trade on the waterways have not changed for thousands of years: grains, wine, citrus fruits, salt, and especially olive oil is getting transported back and forth. This gives the Mediterranean Sea a special plus to the marine life, which is already stunning by itself. But there are also the traces of the past to be discovered everywhere. Ancient wrecks, amphora, and numerous other treasures still lie on the bottom of the sea, giving us an insight into our own European history. Besides, the Mediterranean Sea is home to an abundance of marine species calling it their home. Dolphins, whales, predator fish, schooling fish, seals, corals – you name it. The Mediterranean does not have to hide compared to any other sea in the world. In fact, it has much more to offer if you dive through it with your eyes wide open.

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