Zanzibar TGI Muyuni

TGI DIVING in Muyuni is a 5* PAdi diving center and it is located inside “The Mora”, a Luxury Hotel in the North West part of Zanzibar, in front of Mnemba Island National Park, just 10 minutes sailing.

Our center offers several diving and snorkeling services from beginners to professional ones of all ages, and many water sport activities, such as Jet Sky, Kayak, Sup, Kite Surf etc..

The staff is a very experienced and acknowledged team with instructors and dive guides very familiar with local dive spots, snorkeling sites, topography and sea conditions as well as uptodate with Padi standards and ready to face guests’ individual needs.

We are ready to explore any activity considering weather and safety as first priority and to assist them from 8 a.m to 5 p.m every day of the year, including night dive according to the number of divers and sea conditions. Moreover we offer daily activities such as snorkeling equipment, kayak, sup, battling free of charge.

In addition we have a water sport shop inside the diving center and we will be able to serve Nitrox tanks in the next 3 months, and least but not last we own luxury speed boat that can be used for a private trip, 2 typical Zanzibar boats and at the beginning of the new season wi will extend with 1 extra speed boat and 1 big boat to bring more pleasure, comfort, and adventure to our customers.

All our trips include transfers, snacks, fruit and drinks.