The Indian Ocean covers 20 percent of the world’s ocean surface. Only the Pacific and the Atlantic are larger. The shape of the Indian Ocean is similar to a giant letter ‘M.’ Its outline extends from the East African coast north to the Arabian Sea, down the western coast of India to Sri Lanka, and all the way up to the eastern coast of India. The right side of the ‘M’ is formed by the Indochina Peninsula, the Island of Java, and the West coast of Australia. Therefore this ocean offers us a huge variety with life and also its waters are quite warm compared to the other oceans. From small to big stuff, the Indian Ocean is teeming with life. It is a macro diving paradise, but also home to a lot of marine mammals like dolphins and whales as well as a lot of big apex predator fish, and the biggest fish in the ocean, the whale shark. We started our company in the Indian Ocean in the 80s and we still love it like on our first dive in its warm, comforting waters.

Indian Ocean Diving Center