The island has a unique, warm, and friendly atmosphere. Roatan is a colorful island covered in the wild lush vegetation of the Caribbean. Roatan´s reef is one of the most diverse in the whole region, and forms part of the second largest barrier reef in the world


Located about 65 kilometers off the Northern Coast of Honduras, the Bay Islands consists of 3 main islands (Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila), 3 smaller islands (Barbareta, Morat, and Helene), and 65 smaller cays. Between these islands and the mainland are the Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands).The friendly, English-speaking population offers a unique blend of African, Spanish, Paya Indian, and British cultures. British and Spanish settlers invaded the Paya as their respective countries fought over possession of Roatan in the 16th century. Soon after, pirates numbering nearly 5,000, including Henry Morgan and associates, claimed Roatan as their stronghold. During the height of the slave trade, Roatan became a dumping ground for rebellious slaves that the British could no longer control. These marooned slaves, now called Maroons or Garifuna, form a present day ethnic group near the town of Punta Gorda. While this secret Eden’s unique location offers fabulous accommodations and authentic Caribbean charm in a seemingly off the beaten path local, transportation is easily accessible, and accommodations are downright cheap. Both ferries and flights arrive daily in Coxen Hole from La Ceiba, Honduras. However, for those not wishing to depart from the mainland, TACA International Airlines offers jet services from Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and New Orleans. Direct flight from Canada are available from December to April, and direct flights are available from Milan, Italy as well.


This unknown land is located between Guatemala and Nicaragua. It’s a place forgotten by time that has a vegetation second only to the Amazon. Here you can discover the ruins of an ancient civilization and you will find many attractions on land as well as underwater. Around every corner there are unexpected surprises, from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific, from the high mountains to the flat country, with a variety that will take the breath away from even the most seasoned travelers. Honduras means depths, and anyone who ventures to discover its seas will understand where the name came from, the vertical walls that seem to go on forever were created by the angry powers of volcanoes and over time the unique reefs that encircle the islands have formed, with the tranquil colors of their lagoons giving way to the deep blue of the open sea. The surrounding waters of the Cobalt sea with its endless walls, caves and flowing currents give home to a huge diversity of marine life with some of the planets most fascinating aquatic creatures, with all of this Roatan surely offers the best you can get in Caribbean diving Roatan.


The average temperature in Roatan year round is about 80º F, or 28º Celsius with the trade winds providing a gentle breeze. The relative humidity averages 72%. From March until October, the weather in Roatan can be compared to that of Florida; lots of sun with occasional showers. During the rest of the year it will rain more often but rain rarely compromises the diving. From October to January the raining season starts. Hurricanes in Roatan are very rare compared to other Caribbean destinations.