Cara Cara Point – Diving with the sharks

The most beautiful and incredible attraction of the Honduras archipelago? Simple: diving with the sharks at Cara a Cara Point. The name derives from the Spanish and means face-to-face. Face to face will be with the shark, in fact.

Recommended for both more experienced divers and for those who want to try for the first time some adrenaline-pumping, it represents a rare opportunity, not to say unique, to observe these fish up close in their natural environment, in one of the “100 most beautiful dives in the world”.

Cara Cara Point is a dive about 2 nautical miles off the coast of Roatan which, situated on the south side of the island, can be reached in 20 minutes by bus and 15 minutes from the TGI Diving base. You should give your body time to acclimatize before attempting a dive cause marine conditions often can predict a rough sea.

The dives take place about 60-70 feet deep where the view is clear and free of obstacles. In addition, the cliff system of Roatan embraces the coast of the island, with easy access.

The shark species that can be found are Carcharhinus perezi and Hammerhead shark. Not only sharks but you can observe an incredible biodiversity ranging from large groupers, lobsters, barracudas, jackfish and even hammerhead sharks.

However, no worries, it will be easier than it seems as the dive instructors of Roatan will guide the dive and make sure that you are prepared well in advance before your diving encounter.

If the flow is not too strong you will have the opportunity to swim with them and this will make you live a truly spectacular experience.