Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Where is Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh is on the East Coast of the Egyptian Red Sea on the Sina Peninsular. In general when booking a package to Sharm El Sheikh the destination airport will then be Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

How can I get from the Airport to Sharm El Sheikh?

If you don’t have a deal with your Tour Operator just catch a local taxi to reach Sharm El Sheikh.

What travel documents do I need to go to Sharm El Sheikh?

For Sharm El Sheikh you will need your passport and an entry visa. The entry visa is obtained simply by purchasing the applicable stamps at the airport when you arrive.

Do I require vaccinations before coming to Sharm El Sheikh?

It is not a requirement to be vaccinated before coming to Sharm El Sheikh. The sanitary standard is for sure different from the European standard and the water and food may cause slight stomach upsets.

What kind of currency is used in Sharm El Sheikh?

The main currency in Sharm El Sheikh is the Egyptian pound. The Euro and US dollars are well accepted more so than currencies from other countries..

What is the time zone in Sharm El Sheikh?

The time zone for this locality is GMT+2.

What are the temperatures like in Sharm El Sheikh?"

In winter time the temperatures are around 20 degrees (max) daytime and 12 degrees at night. In summer time the temperatures range from around 37 degrees (max) during the day and 20 degrees at night.

What kind of clothes should I bring with me for Sharm El Sheikh?

In Sharm El Sheikh has favorable weather all year round but from November until April at is advisable to bring with you some warmer clothes wind-cheaters and hats are advisable as in this period it can be quite windy.

What is the water temperature?

The water temperature in the Red Sea is never less than 18 degrees. The average water temperature is 23 to 24 ˚C.

Which kind of wetsuit do I have to bring with me to dive in Sharm El Sheikh?

We recommend bringing a 5mm suit in the winter time and a 3mm in the summer for this site in the Red Sea.

What is the visibility in the Red Sea?

The average visibility is 25 meters.

Can I expect a lot of currents on the dives in Sharm El Sheikh?

The currents are characteristic of the sites but they are not overly strong. The water currents do not reduce the beauty of the dive sites rather they help to provide a rich undersea landscape.

Can I dive with gloves in Sharm El Sheikh?

No you cannot. Using gloves to dive in the Red Sea is prohibited by Egyptian Law in order to avoid approaches to the flora and fauna of these wonderful undersea landscapes..

Can I bring a knife with me during the dives?

No you cannot. Knives are prohibited for diving in the Red Sea by Egyptian Law.

How do I find the Dive In Center?

Dive In is inside the Renaissance Golden Beach View Resort. To contact our center managers call:  +20 (0)

When I arrive in Sharm El Sheikh how can I contact the Dive In Center if I have purchased on-line dive packages or a PADI course?

On arrival in Sharm you should call our base leader on +20 (0) 12 393 4419 to confirm that you have arried as planned and agree the timing for your first day.

What information does Dive In need before I can begin diving?

You will need to fill out the registration forms including medical statement and liability release submit your diving license and log book let us know your equipment needs the number of dives that you wish to do and present a copy of the confirmed booking if you purchased the dives on-line.

Does Dive In require a medical certificate to allow me to dive?

A medical certificate is only required in cases with recent medical conditions. If you are unsure it is wise to bring the certificate with you..

Can I dive with Dive In El Sheikh if I don't have a PADI license but I have a license from another diving school?

Yes you can! We accept licenses from most recognized international diving schools like CMAS BSAC NAUI SSI VTLD.

I have my license but I haven't been diving for a long time. Can I dive anyway with Dive In?

Yes for sure you can! You just have to take part in a Scuba Review to feel comfortable again in the water. If you haven’t been diving for more than a year and a half you may be required to undergo a Scuba Review which is a theoretical lesson and knowledge reviews which will allow you to return more easily to the open water.

What is included in the Dive In packages?

The dive packages for Sharm El Sheikh are inclusive of: tanks weights boat trip dive guide and shuttle service to and from the Hotel (Sharm El Sheikh area).

Do I need a dive computer to dive with Dive In?

No you don’t but you can rent one in our dive centre. If you don’t have a scuba computer you can use a depth gauge and the dive tables to dive.

What kind of tanks are used by Dive In in Sharm El Sheikh

Dive In Sharm uses 12 liter aluminum tanks. On Request we also have 15 ltr steel tanks (surcharge applies) all tanks are available as DIN or INT fitting.

What kind of dives are there in Sharm El Sheikh?

The planned dives in Sharm El Sheikh are all inside the no decompression limit and with a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Are there any special dives in Sharm El Sheikh?

Yes for sure there are! We organize special trips to the WW wreck of the Thistlegorm and day trips to Dahab to dive the fause Blue hole and Cayon sites. We also offer night dives. Our regular program includes the Ras Mohamed national park and the Tiranisland area dive sites.

How are the dives arranged by Dive In?

In Sharm El Sheikh Dive In arranges the dives in full days only. This means that we offer 2 separate dives on the same boat trip with the boat departing in the morning around 8:30am and returning around 4:00pm.

Can I have lunch on the Dive In Boats?

In Sharm El Sheikh lunch is arranged and served on the boat.

How long are the dives with Dive In?

The maximum dive time is 1 hour.

Does Dive In organize groups with different levels of experience for the dives?

No it doesn’t. When possible we divide the divers according to their dive experience. When organizing the diving buddies we check the logbooks and we try to match divers with the same type of license similar experience and numbers of dives.

I am an experienced diver. Can I dive independently with Dive In?

In Sharm El Sheikh it is obligatory for all divers to dive with a guide. This rule is imposed by the CDWS (chamber of diving and watersports) and all guides have to be current members of the CDWS.

Where do the boats leave from?

The boats from Sarm El sheikh depart from either the Travco marina or the Sharks Bay marina.

What kinds of boats are used by Dive In in Sharm El Sheikh?

We use wooden Egyptian boats that measure 22 to 26 meters in length. The boats are very comfortable and all of them have shaded decks and a fully enclosed lounge area. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere is easy because the boats are very spacious.

How many seats are available on the Dive In boats?

At Dive In Sharm El Sheikh 15 to 30 seats are available on each boat.

Can I rent the Dive In boats privately?

Yes you can. Dive In rents boats to private groups and if requested and subject to availability you can also have a private dive guide.

Is insurance included for Dive In's customers?

All Dive In Centers have third party insurance with DAN Europe.

Are the Dive In boats well equipped for emergencies? Are there oxygen tanks on the boats?

Yes our boats are professionally equipped for every emergency. The presence of oxygen tanks is guaranteed.

Where is the closest Hyperbaric Chamber?

Sharm El Sheikh has a modern Hyperbaric Chamber thisis located next to the main Marina.

In the case of an emergency at sea are there any evacuation services available?

Dive In Sharm El Sheikh has a membership with Red Sea Search and Rescue who operate speed boats fully equipped for any diving emergency they even have AED on board and are capable of performing underwater searches as well as arranging Hospital treatment of the patient once evacuated.

Can I dive without a diving license?

No you can’t. For everybody who wants to try the dive experience or start their discovery of the undersea world Dive In offers the Discover Scuba Diving course that will let you make 1 dive after a short theory course and a swimming pool lesson. After your completion of the course we will issue you a Discover Scuba Diving license with a validity of 1 year. Of course you can add as many dives as you wish after finishing the DSD program.

What are the Dive In courses on offer?

Dive In in Sharm El Sheikh offers a wide range of PADI Courses from FREE Discover Scuba to Divemaster plus various specialties.

Is the Discover Scuba always free?

Yes it is. The Discover Scuba is always free.

In which languages do Dive In El Sheikh hold their courses?

Ins Dive In Sharm El Sheikh provides courses in 6 different languages: Italian English German French Arabic and Russian.

What is the minimum age to start the PADI courses?

To start the PADI courses the minimum age is 10 years.Bubblemaker is available for kids 8 and 9 years old.

Are there established days or dates to make the courses in Dive In Sharm El Sheikh?

In Sham we do not have fixed days for starting the course. When booking a course in advance we will fix the date. If you have not made an advanced reservation then as soon as you arive in Sharm contact the diving centre to fix a starting time.

Is the equipment rental included when I book Dive in PADI courses?

Diving equipment is included in the following courses: Discover Scuba Discover, Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver

Can I make extra dives directly after the PADI license course that I bought has been completed?

Yes for sure you can buy other dives with us! Or book them in advance on-line together with your course.

Are there special prices for services if I book on line with Dive In?

Yes there are. The prices of the packages and courses have a lower price when you book on-line from the web site.

Can I purchase special offers courses and packages with Dive In when I reach Sharm El Sheikh for the same prices as advertised on-line?

To buy the courses and the dive packages with the special on-line prices you have to reserve and pay for them on-line at least 48 hours before your arrival.

How is it possible to pay for Dive In services booked on-line?

You can pay the services booked on-line with credit card or by bank transfer to one of our affiliated banks.

Can I buy on-line Dive In packages for other people?

Yes you can but in this case the total payment is either charged to your credit card or needs to be made by single bank transfer.

Can I re-arrange the dives with the Dive In staff if I book a dive package online?

Yes you can arrange your dives with our staff according to your preferences when you make the check in at Dive In center in Sharm El Sheikh.

Can I book the Dive In special dive trips on line?

No because these kind of dives are influenced by weather conditionsvisibility and sea conditions. These variables mean that the special trips have to be arranged on location.

Does Dive In offer diving safaris in its range of services?

Yes Dive In offers diving safaris.

Is it possible to buy on-line boat trips with snorkeling?

The boat trips are not available on-line only on location.

Are there snorkeling excursions at Dive In in Sharm El Sheikh?

Dive In does offer snorkeling excursions. You will snorkel with one of our guides who will show you the wonders of the underwater world.

What does Dive In offer for someone who is not a diver?

Dive In offers snorkeling trips boat trips and a wide range of water sports.