Zanzibar Nungwi, Tanzania

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Dive Sites

Type of Dive: Nungwi and Kendwa area  (Double-tank dive trip)

Maximum Depth: 21 Meters

Minimum Certification Needed: No Limitation

Details: A few minutes of navigation are enough to reach many dive sites for divers of all levels. Particularly interesting are Shanes Reef, full of turtles, octopuses and seahorses; Hunga Reef, with its beautiful coral formations on a sandy background and its wide variety of reef fishes, scorpion-fishes, crocodile-fishes and nudibranchs; Renco, a beautiful pinnacle full of marine life just 5 minutes from our base.

Type of Dive: Boat Dive

Maximum Depth: 30+ m

Minimum Certification Needed: Advanced


25 minutes on our fast boat are enough to get Leven Bank, situated in the Pemba channel. Leven Bank is a big plateau coming up from great depth up to 14 meters. It is a thrilling dive site for experienced divers only, due to the depth and the strong currents. It is a perfect dive site to see large pelagic species: very common to meet schools of tuna, barracuda and kingfish. 

Type of Dive: (Double-tank dive trip: 9,30AM – 12,30PM)

Maximum Depth: 18 Meters

Minimum Certification Needed: No Limitation

Details: The beautiful Tumbatu Island is surrounded by a coral reef ring where you can dive or snorkel. Here you will meet giant groupers, moray eels, stingrays, octopuses and dozens of nudibranchs. Ras Misikitini, with its colorful coral walls, hosts many wonderful giant turtles that are extremely easy to meet. Mwana wa Mwana is ideal for demanding divers who want to observe from nearby rare coral reef dwellers: frog-fishes, leaf-fishis and Spanish dancers are just some of the breeds considered rare elsewhere and that you can meet daily here. We will also show you our secret spot, a little visited area where you can admire very large seahorses.

Type of Dive: (Double-tank dive trip)

Maximum Depth: 18 Meters

Minimum Certification Needed: No Limitation

Mnemba attracts a large number of divers. The area is a protected marine park, a fascinating place with impressive marine life forms. Its coral reefs host a wide range of marine animals, from the tiny shrimp to the giant turtles. Also the gigantic and sociable whale shark likes to swim these waters. Two very rare animal species elsewhere, are easily visible in Mnemba: the Dragon moray eel and the Spanish dancer, the largest nudibranch in the world. The more experienced can also dive in deeper waters: Small Wall and Big Wall where it is easy to meet white fin sharks and mobulas. Finally, we usually meet families of cute dolphins who like to entertain with us. They look like they love to get photographed!

Type of Dive: (Single-tank dive trip: 5,30PM – 7,30PM)

Maximum Depth: 12 Meters

Minimum Certification Needed: No Limitation

The night dive is one of the most fascinating adventures you can try. The evening increases the mystery and surprises what the Ocean has to offer us. At night everything is more beautiful and charming, full of colors and emotions. Renco, our house reef, is the ideal place to observe the nocturnal behaviour of octopuses, moray eels, squids, Spanish dancers, lobsters, shrimps and much more, in absolute safety.

Mnemba, Tumbatu, Leven Bank and the Nungwi/Kendwa area are also affected by:

  • the passage of the gigantic and sociable whale shark from October to March.
  • the passage of humpback whales from July and November.