Have you decided to start a fun adventure and become a Dive Guid or Divemaster? If so you will have the experience of a lifetime. Our Dive Guide and Divemaster internship programs are the right choice for you.

During your work with the dive crew on board the many daily dive trips, you will be side by side with REAL instructors working at a SSI ITC (Instructor Training Center). Having this working relationship will enable you to gain experience only found with us in TGI Diving Roatan. Roatan’s location in the clear, warm Caribbean waters located on the world’s second largest barrier reef (Mesoamerican barrier reef) has walls, swim throughs and the best variety of corals, sponges and marine life. Roatan is ideal for your training to become a Dive Guide or Divemaster. We offer the most flexible monthly Dive Guide and Divemaster Internship program anywhere. Our Internships last from 4 to 8 weeks depending on your diving certification level upon entry.

Our SSI Dive Guide and Divemaster Training internship are of the highest quality and the education you receive with our  instructors will make you the most skilled and knowledgeable diver when finished. Our philosophy is to pay attention to details and follow SSI standards. These are the key elements that makes our program stand out above the rest. Safety is always a concern during training and is never compromised. That is why you are trained by only the best and most experienced staff of instructors in Roatan. Most of your in water training is conducted by a SSI Instructor with the knowledge and experience to give you all the education and training you need.
The Dive Guide and Divemaster qualifications you earn from our program will guide you in becoming a fantastic, service oriented, employable pro.
During your Internship you will get to dive and learn what becoming a working professional is all about. While training for your course you get to enjoy diving in small groups on fast boats at all of the best dive sites on Roatan.


Why do your internship with TGI Diving Roatan?

Many places in the world have great diving but no teaching and many places great teaching conditions  with just average diving but Roatan has the best of both. We have great diving and great teaching facilities. We have the fantastic warm, clear blue waters with wrecks, walls, swim through,great  Dive Guide and Divemaster

We are located at Roatan’s west bay at Henry Morgan Resort.
While the Dive Guide and Divemaster course has certain requirements needing to be fulfilled to accomplish the rating of a SSI Pro Divemaster we go beyond these minimums because TGI Diving Roatan has the facilities and opportunities to teach you so much more. Here are just a few things you will learn in your Internship; how to fill tanks at our own private fill station including Nitrox blending, Deep dives, Drift dives, Navigation dives, Equipment repair, Night dives, Wreck dives, instructor assistance and dive guide leading experience that is unmatched anywhere by Instructors who have been working in the industry for 10 plus years.
All of our Interns will actually get the opportunity to help lead real divers on paid fun dives on holiday here in Roatan as well for the Divemaster Internship as assist on real Try Scuba Diving experiences, assist instructors on Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses and numerous specialties courses.

We believe that in order to become a SSI Dive Guide and Divemaster you must be exposed to as many experiences available and have the ability to do hands on training in becoming a great pro.

Dive Guide and Divemaster Internships at TGI Diving Roatan: the “REAL WORLD” experience leaders.
Minimum – 3 weeks for the Dive Guide Internship and 1 month (4 weeks) for the Divemaster Internship.
To enter the internship as an Open Water Diver or non diver an 8 week “zero to hero” internship is recommended. This will enable you to attain the professional rating of a SSI Divemaster or Assistant Instructor.
If you enter the program as an Advanced Open Water Diver, 6 weeks are recommended to complete your SSI Divemaster internship.

For Certified Rescue divers, 3 weeks is enough time to reach your goal as Dive Guide and 4/6 weeks as Divemaster. Many people are able to finish the course work sooner however, rushing through the course and not gaining work experience and accumulating as many dives as possible takes away the fun (the most important part of the internship).



It is a good idea, if you are in good physical shape and have a friendly and fun loving personality. Respect for nature and being a water lover of at least 18 years of age is importan as well.

•    Staff dive shop; sign up clients for diving and assist with their purchases.
•    Assist with the maintenance of scuba equipment, pre and post dive Boat preparation
•    Lead experienced divers on shore/boat dives.
•    Help customers with diving equipment and gearing up needs
•    Maintain the appearance of the dive shop and equipment
•    Assist the staff with divers, student divers
•    Help with the customer flow and safety of divers on and off the boats
*    Lead snorkeling tours (day and night)


To participate in our SSI Dive Guide Internship, a student  must follow these requirements:

React Right (or any current first aid certificate)
50 dives
Medical clearance within the last 12 months
Rescue Diver
Navigation – Night- Deep – Search and Recovery specialties

To participate in our SSI Divemaster Internship, a student  must follow these requirements:

React Right (or any current first aid certificate)
50 dives
Medical clearance within the last 12 months
Rescue Diver
Science of Diving
Navigation – Night- Deep – Search and Recovery specialties
If you have been certified with an agency other than SSI don’t worry, we can transfer your current certification levels to a compatible SSI diving levels. We can also arrange to meet the missing requirements here.

Program Costs

• 3 weeks Dive Guide Internship if you arrive as Rescue Diver       Certified – USD 600.00
4/6 weeks Divemaster Internship if you arrive as Rescue Diver   Certified – USD 750.00

SSI Training Material and Certification costs.

The Dive Guide/ Divemaster internships cost include instruction however, SSI standards require that student divers have in their possession, a personal set of training materials (books and other scuba related items) for study and use during the course and for reference afterwards.

Dive Guide:

SSI Dive Professional Registration Package 40 USD
Dive Guide Digital Kit 65 USD
Dive Professional Status Odin Activation and Registration 60 USD


SSI Dive Professional Registration Package 40 USD
Dive Guide Digital Kit 65 USD
Science of Diving Digital Kit 54 USD
Dive Professional Status Odin Activation and Registration 60 USD

Dive Guide/Divemaster Interns Accommodation

Your accommodation is not included in the internship. You will have different choices of accommodation, from a basic hostal or BB to a luxurious Resort.
Contact us for more info.