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El Gouna, Egypt

The ‚aquarium of Allah’ with a spectacular variety of underwater scenes, makes El Gouna Red Sea one of the best seas for diving in the world. With crystal clear waters and a myriad of marine life including multicoloured reef fish napoleons, wrasse, mantas, dolphins and a huge variety of corals.

A little diamond on the shore of the Red Sea

El Gouna is a picture of unusual beauty, a fusion between ethnic architectural styles and Arab art. Nothing is left to chance: an explosion of colours fills world renownd hotels, luxurious villas, bays, little roads and lagoons. In the heart of El Gouna the colours of the desert are reflected in the colour schemes of the houses and hotels, this combined with the contrast of palm trees, flowers and grass all surrounded by lagoons make it a truly inspiring visual experience, sometimes it is hard to beleive you are in the desert!

The shadings of the inviting sea complete the artist’s palette with a full range of blue tones from the light shallow waters to the deep blue of the open sea. Once you get underwater the colour and beaty intensifies even more with coral gardens and reef walls covered with hard and soft corals in a range of colours, all surrounded by clear waters.

The sea around El Gouna (Egypt) is home to many creatures from  multicoloured reef fish to stingrays, turtles and even dolphins, and offers a range of divesites suited to all levels  from beginners to the very experienced, from relaxed dives with little current to wall drift dives to world famouse wreck dives,  it is easy to understand why the red sea is often called the „Aquarium of Allah”. El Gouna Red Sea is a paradise that remains inside the heart. A little diamond that becomes set in the mind of anyone who stays for a few days.