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Black lava rock cliffs overlooking the sea, vineyards with eye drops, Middle Eastern air and fusion flavors. From many calls to the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean, Pantelleria is a game of dark colors and contrasts, thanks to its volcanic origin, cobalt blue waters and rock landscapes. Here the Arabs have lived for two centuries, tracing their passage somewhere: in the architecture of the Dammuses, typical lonely stone houses and white dome roofs in the names of the countries such as Karuscia, Khamma and Rekhale, or in the agricultural terraces cultivated with capers. The atmosphere, coupled with disruptive and wild nature, slow pace and the privacy of the inhabitants is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday, adventure and discovery.

The sea welcomes the black lava of Pantelleria and creates shattering colors and unforgettable views, a dive into its crystal clear waters on a summer day will remain in your mind for a long time, as well as the many sea attractions, Lake Mirror of Venus, called so, because it is said, mirrored the Venus before meeting Bacco, it is a natural lake that occupy the crater of a volcano. The Natural Sauna, Niká’s open-air thermal waters, Gadir’s tanks, archeology, trekking or simple walks between the vineyards.
Or just simply a glass of wine lying on a hammock while admiring the sun setting behind the coasts of Africa.