The Dolphin Encounter begins as you travel across the lagoon to Bailay’s Key,one of the two keys that makes this place hometo a large family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. At the beach fron cabana, you will receive a brief orientation and then you will walk along a white sandy beach towade waist deep into the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean where a trained natiuralist will give you a presonal introduction to a resident dolphin. The trainer will decrive the dolphin characteristics, anatomy and behaviors and will give you the oportunity to touch, kiss and play with a member of this fliendly family of marine mammals. Durind the 30 minutes encounter portion,you will have excellent photo opportunities.

TIME: 3 hours

Snorkelers interact with the dolphins off a white-sand key in approximately 20 feet of water. Following a 25-minute beach encounter, the snorkel session begins, and lasts approximately 30 minutes. An incredible experience you will never forget. The activity has limited accupancy, so reservation is appreciate. Minimum age is 12.

TIME: 3,5 Hours

If there is a place that approximates the concept of heaven, Pigeon Cay must come pretty close! Located on the South side of Barbaretta island, this cay is surrounded by a lagoon of crystal clear water that seems to come in every shade of blue. One side of the cay is large white-sand beach composed of fine crushed coral, while the other side is collection of coconut palms, trees and brush that provide shade and shelter for humans, and a home for the lizards and hermit crabs that are the sole inhabitants of this tiny little paradise. This is a full day trip, leaving early (approx 8:00am), returning before sunset.

TIME: 8 Hours

Situated an hour from Roatan, this archipelago of tiny islands gives you a spectacular view of the Caribbean. The day consists of snorkeling, a visit to a Garifuna village and a chance to discover the unique culture and food of these tiny island.

TIME: 8 Hours

Roatan is famous for the biggest variety of coral and sponges in the whole Caribbean! Due to our remote and exclusive east end location, you will experience the freedom of being the only people at the snorkel sites. Our snorkel sites are located only about a 5-10 boat ride from our dive shop. At our sites you will experience a spectacular, pristine and colorful reef, home to many different species of tropical fish and corals.

TIME: 2 Hours

Discover another underwater world. The aquatic world is full of marvels and surprises that change significantly as the sun stets. During the night, the coral, anemones, and other invertebrates become more active and feed; in daytime these species are relatively dormant. At night, many species appear from their hiding spots to hunt or mate under cover of darkness. Night snorkeling also provides you with the opportunity to see octopus, lobsters, and all sorts of other crustaceans. One of the most wonderful aspects of the experience is the chance to see the bioluminescence of the microbes that light up at night.

TIME: 1.5 Hours

This tour includes four of the most popular activities that you can do in a half day. Is perfect for families. Once onboard the boat, the first activity is snorkeling in the famous Blue Channel. The channel cuts through the great reef wall and is considered one of the best snorkeling sites on Roatan. Afterwards, we will pass by the mangrove and make our way to an area abundant with starfish of different size and colour. Finally, the trip will take us by the dolphin lagoon where we can watch them eat and play.
TIME: 3 Hours