Zanzibar, Tanzania

Welcome to Ombeliko del mondo!

Kibanda B&B & Ombeliko of the World – B&B with Italian Restaurant at Nungwi, Zanzibar. Our property is only 100 meters from the sea, 50 meters from the village and
from the Nungwi diving school (in the extreme north of Zanzibar) and away from the main tourist complexes. Our Bungalows are Extremely
comfortable, all with air conditioning and ceiling fan. Kibanda B&B,
which in Swahili means “hut”, is a metaphor for us
meaning holiday. The hut represents a meeting place
where you can share relaxing moments and exchange conversation. During
your stay can turn into a simple holiday into a life experience.

For this Kibanda B&B was built in this particular position, half way
between the beautiful Nungwi beach and the inhabited village. Kibanda B&B is
born for all those who want to be tourists but also travelers, who
want to satisfy the need for knowledge of the place without giving up
to the conveniences. The size of our structure and its management
represent our ideal vacation-trip made even more
welcoming by the owners and the staff.
Choose Kibanda B&B if you want to share a vacation with us:
different, enriching and unforgettable.

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The restaurant, “Ombeliko del Mondo”, born from a flash of inspiration between the
owners and the Island, is ideally located thanks to the pleasant
constantly ventilated climate and the particular location. In 2017
we renewed our structure and built new
beautiful bungalows, extremely comfortable. We tried to
give each one a special touch.