Honduras: Roatan

Unknown and far away land, Honduras hides unbelievable treasures and unique scenarios, starting from the sea to the mountains. This country is considered one of greenest of our planet, an integral part of the green lung of the world. Here everything is simply fantastic as it is natural, without any artificial ingredients.

Archipelago of Bay Island: Roatan

Cristopher Colombus landed first in this corner of the world, in a time when Humans had never stepped foot on this beautiful land, this was his reward for having navigated through untouched, and un-chartered coral reefs.
These islands fed by the rich Caribbean Sea, and surrounded by bays and mangroves, are a natural museum both above and below the water. On the reef the life is truly spectacular, the distant location and flow of nutrients from the sea have contributed to make these some of the richest waters of the Carribean, with a huge diversity of life and some species unique to this area, you are sure to have your breath taken away by the beauty.

The Weather

The average temperature in Roatan year round is about 80º F, or 28º Celsius with the trade winds providing a gentle breeze. The relative humidity averages 72%. From March until October, the weather in Roatan can be compared to that of Florida; lots of sun with occasional showers. During the rest of the year it will rain more often but rain rarely compromises the diving. From November to January begins what we call the raining season.