Help online

Why book your dives online?
  • By booking your dives/courses online you guarantee your place on our boats .
  • Our Online prices are MUCH cheaper.
  • By booking your dives online you guarantee the price at point of purchase.
  • The more dives you buy, the cheaper the price.
  • Booking for a group of friends it is much easier.
  • It’s an easy and secure booking system
How can I book my dives and/or gear online?
Booking your dives online is a simple and secure procedure, just follow these easy steps:
  • Select your arrival date.
  • Select your departure date
Now you will be able to see the prices of the available dive packages and dive course
  • If you would like to read more details about the courses click on the name of the course next to the circle, a pop up window with the course details will open.
  • Click on the colored star or circle next to the package or course you would like to buy
  • If booking a dive package a star will appear on each diving day, these will automatically appear from your first day in resort for consecutive days, you can re-arrange your days by clicking on the star you would like to move, it will disappear then click on the day you would like to dive and it will re-appear there you may also add extra ‘stars‘ or diving days, the price for these will be calculated on the rate of the package you have selected, until you reach the next defined package rate,
    Please note that it is possible to change the diving dates after arrival, as long as you do so in advance.
  • If booking a course a colored circle will appear on each day of your course, theses will automatically appear from your first full day in resort, you may click again on the first day the circles will disappear now click on the date that you would like to have as your starting date and they will re-appear.
    Please note that courses are always planned with consecutive days, it may be possible to hange the start date after arrival in resort, as long as you do so in advance. 
  • If desired you can add multiple services and combinations of diving and courses for each diver. 
  • To add extra divers click the ‚add‘ button on the left under your diving package, and then select the diving package for that diver and arrange the diving dates with the stars or circles as above.
  • At any time you may click ‚equipment‘ to add in details of equipment needed, as well as the names of the divers and the Hotel at which you stay in, once you have done this then click ‚ok‘ and you will see the price for equipment rental is now added to your booking totals, as well as a comparison to our walk in rate.
  • Check that the details for all of the services you have requested are correct, now click ’next‘ at the bottom of the page. if you have not yet added the details of the divers / equipment needed / hotel the table for these details will pop up again now and prompt you to fill in details, as a minimum you must enter the names of all divers in your party and specify the hotel at which you are staying, please fill out the requested details and click ‚ok‘ you will return back to the bookings page, you can now click ’next‘
    Important: you must specify an hotel, or we may not be able to provide you with a transfer service where required. If you do not find the hotel you are staying at on the list, please check with customer support to check if a transfer is available or not.
  • Now you will see a summary of your cart, to proceed to pay for the services you must log-in or register and then provide all requested details.
Bookings for diving requires:
  • All divers included in your booking must hold a valid international diving certification (or be participating in a course with us prior to diving). The diving certifications must be presented in the diving centre during check-in.
  • The person making the booking must be an adult (18 years or older) you may purchase dive packages for under 18’s.
  • All divers included in your booking must be in good health for diving, in case of any recent medical history you will be asked to provide a valid doctors certificate (within 1 year) stating that you are ‚fit to dive‘ , to download a copy of our registration form including medical questionnaire please ‚click here‘
    Note: a ‚yes‘ answer to any question on this form means you will be required to have a valid certificate from a doctor.
 If it has been some time since your last dive:
For your safety and enjoyment it may be required for you to participate in a check dive or a scuba review before beginning your diving package, these are completed in confined water, you will need to allow one day before beginning your dive package to complete these. If necessary please book it together with your dive package to assure that there is a member of staff available for you and so avoid any inconvenience on arrival at your destination. Our policy for check dives and scuba review is as follows:

Check dive (approx 2 hours) required:

  • If you hold an entry level certification (PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent) with less than 50 logged dives and it is longer than 6 months since your last dive.
  • If you hold any other certification and it is longer than 1 year since your last logged dive.

Scuba Review (approx 3 hours) required:

  • If you hold any non-professional certification and it is longer than 2 years since your last logged dive.