Marsa Alam, Gorgonia Beach

The housereef of Gorgonia offers a beautiful dive typical of the reef of the southern Red Sea‘

Close to the entry point the reef reaches down to a coral garden plateau starting from 12 meters and sloping out to 35 meters and more.
Hard and soft corals in many colors give home to a wide range of fish life from the small bright anthias to large baraccuda, turtles to sting rays, not forgetting the anenomies and ‘nemo’s’ (clown fish), with a little luck reef sharks can be seen on the deeper part of the plateau.
Guided dives are available on the housereef. After completing a check dive, divers can dive as buddy teams without guide if preffered (divers must be properly equipped and have a minimum of 20 logged dives), buddy pairs diving without a guide myst be equiped with a delayed SMB (surface marker buoy).
Dives are possible on the north and south sides. The entry jetty allows for diving at all times of the day.

Shore dive | All levels | Suitablefor snorkellers also

laguna qulaanphoto

One of the few wrecks in the southern red sea, this is a cargo vessel that collided with the reef, and is now home to a wide variety of coral and fish life. The maximum depth around the wreck is 18 meters, making it ideal for all levels. After the dive we enjoy lunch in a traditional bedouin camp in the mangroove bay of El Qualaan, with its stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. Full day excursion.

Shore dive | All levels | Ideal for divers and snorkellers
The bay slopes slowly down to 25 meters at its deepest area. on the north side at around 17 meters there is a group of shy garden eels, which can be seen if approached slowly.
Crocodile fish can often be found hiding close the reef in sheltered spots. Aong the reef there are many tiny caves that are filled with glassfish, and lionfish will be close by hunting for them. A careful eye can also find a variety of smalll colorful nudubranchs, all of course in addition to the many brightly coloured reef fish and corals.
Special trip | Wall/Drift Dive | Advanced Open Water Diver | Minimum 50 logged dives
Elphinstone 1

Usually dived in the afternoon, this side of the reef is also beautiful with many fan and soft corals, and of course many chances to see sharks, including the oceanic white tips, reef sharks and occasionally hammerhead sharks.
Delayed SMB required, minimum number of participants needed.

Shore Dive | Advanced Open Water
Ras in Egyptian Arabic means ‘head’ and this describes this site as it is a head of coral adjacet to Marsa Samaday. This large pinnacles rise from a plateau. Reef sharks can be seen here, and on the external side the plateau drops off to around 30 meters where many brghtly coloured anenomies can be found, strong currents are ofteen present here.
Shore dive | All levels | Ideal for divers and snorkellers
This ‘Marsa’ is well protected from the wind and waves and has a slowly sloping bottom, so dives are possible at any depth from 5 meters to 25 meters. At this site seahorses can be found in the shallow area, and a little bit deeper Napolean fish can often be seen. Crocodile fish can often be found close by the reef.
Shore Dive | All Levels

This site offers a shore dive that is suitable for everyone as it protected from the currents that are often strong in the area. Here you can see all of the beautiful fish and corals that are typical of the Southern Red Sea, with a maximum depth of 25meters the dive is suitable for all.

Full day – 2 boat dives | All levels | Ideal for divers and snorkellers

The boat will depart from Hamata, after around 2 hours of sailing we reach the south attols close to bernice. This is a famous site for safari boat trips. We plan for 2 dives in the area of Sataya reef where we have very good chances of meeting the resident pod of dolphins, who come to play with the divers and snorkellers visiting. Delayed SMB is required for divers, minimum number of participants needed, Ideal for groups.

Coral Gardens | All Levels
1 hour away from Hamata, Shaab Bohar Kebir is a large reef with 2 dives.On the east side there are many pinnacles starting at around 20 meters, some of them reaching up to the surface, between the main reef and the pinnacles there is a coral garden, there is lots of hard and soft corals here, and the pinnacles are home to shoals of glassfish. On the north side, there are several small coral blocks on a sandy plateau, and on the west side of the reef there is often schooling barracuda hiding in the cracks in the reef. White tips sharks and Eagle rays may also be spotted here!
Coral gardens/patch reef | All Levels
This small reef just away form Shaab Bohar Kebir is a patch reef which takes about 50 minutes to circle. There is a plateau around 24m, and all around the reef there are lots of small cracks and crevices, which make perfect hiding places for the fish.There are also several pinnacles just off from the main reef to be discovered, this is a great relaxing dive with plenty to see from clownfish and nudibranchs to white tip sharks, and everything in between.
Canyon – Drop off | Advanced divers

The main reef of Shaab Said is split by a canyon with a coral garden, the east side drops off to 40+ meter the reef is full of life, on the north side drop off you will meet large shoals of fish and maybe turtles and sharks, especially white tips and grey reef sharks, this dive needs good seas conditions.

Coral Gardens | All Levels
Abu galawa name is inspired from the shape of the reef the word galawa in Arabic means a lagoon pool formed by the reef, you will find a number of different types of fishes but the real highlight of the dive is the hard corals which are in excellent condition in a whole spectrum of color. As well as the stunning reef there is also a small wreck, an american sailboat 18 meters long which sank the 1980s, its now home to many fish, although coral growth over the wreck is limited as the hull is made form synthetic materials. Abu Galawa is 16km east of Hamata, around 80 minutes by boat.
Wreck/Reef | All Levels
The „Tienstin“, as it is commonly called, is the phonetic pronunciation of the ship’s actual Chinese name of Tien Hsing. Built at Ta Chung Hua Shipbuilding & Engineering Works, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China in 1935, she was a steam powered tugboat of approximately 300 tons and 35 meters in length.
What little information that is available concerning the Tien Hsing indicates that she was on passage from Suez to Massawa, Eritrea, when she ran aground and sank at Abu Galawa Kibeer on 26 October 1943.
The Wreck Today:
The Tien Hsing lies in 18 meters of water at the base of the reef’s southern face on the western end of the reef. Lying relatively parallel to the reef, with her part of her bow buried deeply in it, the wreck is listing over to starboard at approximately 40-45 degrees. Her bow just breaks the surface of the water at low tide and her rudder and propeller are partially buried in the sandy seabed at 17-18 meters. All of the wooden parts of the boat are long gone, leaving behind the steel superstructure which is new encrusted by hard and soft corals, especially on the port (upper) side. The keel is still intact and it is possible to swim under the ship between the reef and the keel. Penetration of the wreck is gained through two doors located on the starboard side which allow access to the pilothouse and the engine room where the engine and boilers are still in place. Another penetration point is located on the aft starboard side of the wreck which leads into a small head (bathroom) where the toilet is still in place.
There are often white tips sharks around the wreck, as well as Napolean fish and giant morays and many more reef fish. The wreck is a real favorite for photographers with many opportunities for macro and wide angle shots. Abu Galawa is 16km east of Hamata, around 80min by boat
All Levels
One of the most talked about reefs in the fury shoals reef system, the reef is roughly square shaped, close to the moorings on the south side there is a cave system, which provides excellent opportunities for photographers, with the advantage of being right next to the moorings!
The cave has a maximum depth of just 14 meters, and provides a hiding place for large morays, lion fish and blue spotted rays.there are 5 different entry and exit points to the caves and lots of ambient light inside.
On the west side there are is a wonderful hard coral garden, on the north side there is a passage that splits Claudio form the next reef block, current can be strong here but hen the current is light its possible to visit the pinnacles here which are full of life.
On the south side there are good chances to meet the three large napolean wrasse that live here, and usually there are many groups of shoaling fish.
A dive not to be missed!

Shaab Claudio is close to Shaab Ini and Shaab Gannah, and often dived in th same trip, the area is around 1 1/2 hours sailing time from Hamata port.

Coral Gardens/Cave/Canyon |All Levels
Another one of the famous spots on Fury Shoals.
The most attractive part of the reef is the southern side, where the boat moors. The reef is a a paradise for the diver who loves to explore, there are caves, canyons and cracks, all full of life. The north side of the reef can also be dived where there is a beautiful coral garden.
On the east and west sides close to the reef there are many coral blocks with hard and soft corals, and many kids of reef fish, another spot that is not to be missed.
Wall Dive | Advanced Divers
Shaab maksour is located 28km east of hamata, and is a great wall dive.
Max depth 35m
The meaning of Maksur in arabic is ‚broken‘ coming from the shape of the southern end of the reef.
The reef is similar to Elphinstone the north side plateau can be only dived when the sea is calm, it starts at 22m down to 40m, and then drops to 90m+
The west and east sides of the reef are walls.
The south plateau starts at 18m and slopes off to around 40m before dropping off, there are 2 large pinnacles close to the mooring point which rise from the seabed at 20m to around 6m, the ideal place to make your end of dive safety stop.

Due to the drop offs and current the whole dive site offers perfect conditions for shoals of fish and pelagics, turtles and dolphins pass by often and sharks are also sighted regularly, including hammerheads and grey reef sharks, at certain times of the year its possible to see mantas or even whale sharks, as well as all kinds of reef fish.

Drop off | Advanced divers

One of the furthest dive sites, arranged as a special trip, approximately 2 1/2 hours sailing time.
This huge pinnacle rises up from around 100 meters, its possible to circle the entire pinnacle in about 30 minutes. Due to its deep drop offs its a dive for the more advanced, but well worth the visit, it is one of the best places to spot sharks, its possible to encounter grey reef sharks, thresher sharks and even oceanic white tips, but most of all its famous for hammerheads, sometimes a group of up to 50 hammerheads can be seen!
Even when the sharks do not make an appearance its a dive not to be missed with stunning corals and huge shoals of fish, this really is a gem of southern red sea diving.

Dieser Tauchplatz liegt am Rand des Nationalparks. Der Platz ist nach kurzer Fahrt erreichbar und wird sie mit seinem unglaublich lebendigem und artenreichen Riff begeistern. Meeresschildkröten, Muränen, und viele weitere Bewohner dieses einzigartigen Riffs warten bereits auf Ihren Besuch. 

Genießen Sie eine Nacht auf dem Roten Meer! Sie verbringen zwei Tage und eine Nacht umgeben von der beeindruckenden Landschaft des Wadi Gimal National Parks und schlafen an Deck unserer luxuriösen Motoryacht. Der Trip beinhaltet 5 Tauchgänge an verschiedenen Tauchplätzen rund um das wunderschöne Sataya Außenriff.