Roatan Island

The archipelago that comes out from the deep abyss, extends from East to West in the Honduras Gulf. It is located in the heart of the Caribbean and provides the basis for a rich and generous sea. Above water there are green Islands where nature prevails over everything, beaches and rocky coastsline is interrupted only by small and colorful villages, suspended on turquoise lagoons. These villages are inhabited by simple and friendly people, who seem to have forgotten the bloody Pirates who were there with their ancestors. In this place you can forget the frantic rhythm of modern cities, and relax in the gentle shade of the palm trees.

West Bay: Henry Morgan Resort

At the very end of the west side of the long narrow stretch of Rotan Island, at the head of the of the archipelago, there is the West Bay, a stunning expanse of sand almost as white as snow surrounded by the contrasting emerald green of the palm trees that sway gently in the evening breeze on one side and the calm turquoise water gently lapping at the beach on the other. Set in the midst of this idyllic scene is the Henry Morgan Resort.


TGI Diving Roatan

TGI Diving Roatan is a prestigious SSI Dimond Training Dive Center which opened in 1999 and offers courses from Try Scuba Diving through the Instructor Level and also a wide variety of specailty courses.
The instructors speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, and German. TGI Diving Roatan organizes three diving excursions a day. There are regular night dives on the beautiful reef of Roatan, just few minutes away from West Bay Beach.
The TGI Diving Roatan scuba program includes diving in the open water with Carribean Reef Sharks at the famous Cara-Cara Point, and with our diving center you can also obtain the  Shark Diver Specialty course. TGI Diving Roatan also promote videos with sharks, so you can take home a personalised video of your Roatan shark diving experience.  
Professionalism, security, friendliness, sympathy and availability, these are the characteristics that made TGI Diving Roatan famous during the last 14 years of its intense activity.
Located inside the Henry Morgan Resort, on the most beautiful beach of Roatan Island, TGI Diving Roatan brings both expert divers and beginners to the discovery of the hidden beauties of the sixth continent. The choice and typology of dives are vast, from the steep walls to mysterious canyons to descend from one of the most wonderful drop off points in all the Caribbean seas.

High quality Mares equipment and a big swimming pool are just one step away from the TGI Diving Center. Here you can follow your courses with the highest security and commodity standards.
For non divers, there are also many opportunities. Excursions organised by TGI Diving Roatan include snorkeling on the reef with a supervisor, tours by boat along the most recommended Roatan bays, and, of course, you won't want to miss a face to face meeting with a bottlenose dolphin in the quiet lagoon waters in front of a deserted island, where these fascinating creatures freely interact with humans. Catamaran Tours, Sail Boat Tours, and Fishing Trips are also available at TGI Diving Roatan.

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