He is a LEGEND. You will never get a better divemaster! Everyone who dives with Lindey wants to repeat Lindey, one, two and so many times. He can guide your dives in English, Spanish and Italian. Lin Lin loves enjoying a cup of good coffee and watching silly cartoons. Make sure you bring something for him since he is passionate about other cultures.


He begins working in the diving industry since 1995 in Garda Lake, Italy. The search for the perfect place brought him to the Maldives where worked for 3 years. The will to explore the world pushed him to Egypt and Roatan where he lives since 2001. He is an SSI DCS Instructor and PADI IDC Staff Instructor, an adventurer, a true heart rocker and an ocean man.


Describing Luciano's carrier would take simply too much space. Just so you get an idea, he opened his first Dive Center in the Maldives in 1982, at the time Fred Astair was still alive and Italy won the world football championship in Spain. Now there are 11 TGI Diving Centers world wide. Luciano is the kind of person you will only meet once.


He does about everything on the dive shop, from helping divers on the TGI big boats, charge cylinders, maintance, snorkeling guide, filling tanks, and lots more. He has been working with TGI since 2010 and knows all those technical details. Arturin finds pleasure in discussing history, politics and cultures in general.


Nicknamed "Calin". He is an institution of the Dive Shop and a very reliable worker. Currently he acts as our CAPO with tanks and compressors. He spend most of his time filling up tanks and sleeping between the compressors with 45 C/120 F . Everyday he styles his whiskers and drinks a full 3 litter Coca Cola bottle which he happily calls "Diesel".


Andrea is the new TGI Diving manager in Roatan, with more than 10 years experience in the diving industry. He has been working in Maldives for several years, then Egypt and now Roatan. He is a carismatic and multilingual dive instructor with a great passion for diving and sea life. There are two things he really loves about the life....the second one is traveling.

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