He is a LEGEND. You will never get a better divemaster! Everyone who dives with Lindey wants to do a repeat. Lindey is able to  guide your dives in English, Spanish and Italian. Lin Lin loves enjoying a cup of good coffee and watching silly cartoons. Make sure you bring something for him since he is passionate about other cultures.


He has been working in the diving industry since 1995 in Garda Lake, Italy. The search for the perfect place brought him to the Maldives where worked for 3 years. His will to explore the world pushed him to Egypt and eventually Roatan where he has been living since 2001. He is an SSI DCS Instructor and PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Oliver is an all around adventurer, a true heart rocker and an ocean man.


Describing Luciano's carrier would simply take up too much space. Just so you get an idea, he opened his first Dive Center in the Maldives in 1982, at the time Fred Astair was still alive and Italy won the world football championship in Spain. Now there are 11 TGI Diving Centers world wide. Luciano is the kind of person you will only meet once.


She is an explosion of energy, her smile can change your day. As a Dive Guide and experienced snorkeling guide, she takes people to discover the most amazing hidden treasures of Roatan. In the picture she is with her best friend! You can go diving with her, snorkeling or just chat with her, and you will never get bored. She loves her job so much that it is often hard to send her home at the end of the day!


Nicknamed "Calin". He is an institution of the Dive Shop and a very reliable worker. Currently he acts as our CAPO with tanks and compressors. He spend most of his time filling up tanks and sleeping between the compressors with 45 C/120 F . Everyday he styles his whiskers and drinks a full 3 litter Coca Cola bottle which he happily calls "Diesel".


Ludim is the accounting boss, she loves to travel and she loves the Roatan reef. Ludim is a diver and she jumps in the water anytime she can. Nothing  excapes her. You can talk to her in French, Spanish, English and she is learining Italian too! Crazy hair style and a great attitude make her unique! Dont't ask her for a discount :)


Carol is the manager, she always has  a smile on her face. She is an spanish girl but well acquianted with the local slang. She is triligual speaker, French, English and Spanish and speaks decent Italian. She loves micro life, so if you dive with she, she will show you the most dificult life to find it. At 11am is her snack time for yogurt or chocolate cookies, and she loves to taste delicious sweetmeats of other countries :)


Call him Pancho like the legendary mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa! A very patient instructor how speaks with his hands too. He  is very attentive and takes very good care of each and everyone of his students. He speak french, espanish and english, he tries to talk in italian and so far has a least mastered the accent. Diving and play clarinette is his passion, he is always on discovered mode.       


Daniel is the excursions boy. He is English speaking Canadian but he speak in french very well. He is a good snorkeler and free diver. He has a lot of stories about honduras, so don't forget to exchange adventures with him. Going with him on excursion is like having a quick course of Honduran/Roatan history.                                           

 JEANNOT MERCIER                                  

He is our french style instructor but he has lived long time in the USA. Originally a chef, Jeannot is also passionate about diving and loves share both aspects of his life style with everyone. He takes his work very seriously, although he equally enjoys chilling and shooting the breeze.




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